About Sreedharma Sastha

Sastha is Hunter, allegorically, a forest God. “Duhkham Dinesasthmajah: “The Astrologers say. When Saturn is afflicted the birth chart of a person, his life is miserable. The best solution is the worship of Lord Sastha of Kavu. He gives the psychic and physical stamina to bear and overcome the rigors of life. The devotee cannot suffer from melancholia; he has to be a lovable leader of men.

The most important Mantra at Thiruvullakkavu is “ Aagne Naya Supatha Raye Asman Viswani Deva Vayunani Vidwan! Yuyoddhyaasmajjuhuranameno Bhooyishttam The Nama Ukthim Vidhema!”

“Thou Great Fiery Being,
For our liberation,
Lead us along the path of good.
God, who knowest all our actions,
All sinful thoughts from us expel.
Again and again to Thee We prostrate.”

He is the divine Blaze, the ritual Fire, the abode of all Gods. He is the light that removes the darkness of ignorance which is the root cause of misery. That soothing warmth of dulcet Love hovers over the devotees. More important, Sastha; is the flame that devours vicious sins.