The Hindus celebrate the Navarathri festival spanning nine nights reverently. This represents the divine fight of Mother Durga to subjugate the evil of ignorance. The tenth sunrise is the dawn of wisdom when darkness flees in fear. This day, the Vijayadasami is an auspicious day in the one hundred and eight Durga temples of Kerala where the devotees worship omniscience as Mother. The Devotees invoke Mother Saraswathi and all, young and old have initiation by writing on sand spread our on the ground. At Thiruvullakkavu, the presiding deity is Sastha, the virile Guide, and Omniscience as Father. The Vijayadasamy is not very important in other Sastha temples, but at Kavu , it is the most auspicious day for the initiation of education. Naturally it is the day of the greatest flow of devotees and thousands of children have their initiation. The initiation can be done on any other day also; all days are auspicious at Thiruvullakkavu. The Navarathri is a cultural extravaganza since the budding artists want to make their debut at Kavu. Successful professionals also long to perform here during these auspicious days.